Travel insurance for pregnant women

By Policybachat . Posted on November 4, 2014

Travel insurance is concept of mixing various kinds of coverage together in a single sachet to insure the financial safety of people travelling abroad, where medical and other allied expenses are capable of making dents in your pocket.  

Suppose your journey is accompanied by a pregnant woman, you need to be proactively cautious and equipped for all the risks that may arise.  Though it wouldn’t be a wise decision to escort pregnant woman in flight journey, but if you have already booked a trip, cancellation charges would be very huge too.

Therefore, you must take utmost care of the woman and simultaneously keep your travel insurance ready to afford all medical attention that a pregnant woman may need.

You must be aware of the fact that pregnant women are always considered to be at high risk zone.  Most travel insurer will hesitate to cover you during pregnancy, if your date of returning to India is within the eight weeks from delivery’s expected due date.  Similarly, there are other insurers who don’t dare to offer travel insurance to pregnant women, who are already into 26+ weeks of pregnancy.  You won’t receive any compensation in case you cancel your journey and still incur expenses due to your pregnancy.

In case you have an annual trip plan

If you have an annual trip plan in place due to your frequent to and fro travels, you must ask your service provider about the process of getting coverage for pregnant woman, so that she get covered with existing annual trip plan.  And if you don’t have an annual trip or multi-trip plan, you can look out for single trip plan, but make sure you tell insurer clearly about your pregnancy.

How to check out useful travel insurance in pregnancy?

As said earlier, risk factor in case of pregnant woman is high; therefore you need to make good study of market to find useful travel insurance.  You must consult with various sources that provide travel insurance like specialist companies dedicated for travel insurance or travel agents.  Most travel companies now a day tie up with travel insurers and they can provide coverage of travel insurance during pregnancy.

Coverage to watch out for

Delivery date is always expected which may be early or delayed.  Look for a policy that cover early birth, medical support during time of labor, incur expenses if you have to undergo labor abroad and option to change your trip’s return date.

How to reach out for travel insurance?

More information can be obtained from insurance providers, through their websites.  You may consult them over phone, as most companies provide toll free customer service numbers.  Plan your travel insurance well before time, so that you will get time to compare different travel insurance plans before purchasing.

You can also call PolicyBachat on toll free number 1800 123 4006 and talk to insurance experts to get a clear and better picture of various travel insurance plans that are available in the market and can provide health coverage in pregnancy while travels.

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