Student Travel Insurance: Big support for students

By Policybachat . Posted on November 4, 2014

Study is the only religion of students, irrespective of what is happening around them.  But, what if they themselves are in trouble, will it be easy for them to study easily.  Just imagine, what about those students, who study abroad away from the country, friends and family.

Short term stays for study or any other purpose without any inclement situation can be thought of for a moment, but does it validate in situations of long term stay for students.  Moreover, weather conditions, socio-political environment of the country where you are studying may be not what you use to live in.

Therefore, student travel insurance is an essential belonging any student must pack first, while going for foreign study.

Risks of student travel

Mishappenings are something that is never expected, but it still keeps coming in human life and same does happen to students, really doesn’t matter, where they are studying.  What are the real life risks that can disturb students?

Socio-political upheaval – You never wanted to be a part of it, but you can hardly keep check on this and find you at middle of it.

Severe medical problem to any elderly person – Even though it’s fact, but no one expects it.  Therefore, you may face it in the least expected scenario.

Your own health breakdown – This is unpredictable and uncontrollable factor, which you may face and lose some good study hours.  You never could guess when your health breaks down, causing mental and financial depreciation.

Robbery or misplacing of important document like passport – This is a panicking event that can mar your studies.  It can happen anywhere and to anyone, therefore don’t count you as an exception.

Accident while doing something unusual – Student’s life is at peak of fun and excitement.  Lot of adventure comes to mind and followed by thought of immediate fulfillment of it, and thereby risking wellbeing.

Coverage that is must in your student travel insurance

You must look for a travel insurance policy, which cover under-mentioned clauses.

  • Exigencies of dental and medical nature.
  • Interruption in travel coverage.
  • Emergency Medical attendant coverage.
  • Loss of passport or other important document coverage.
  • Services for travel assistance.
  • Evacuation in emergency time and etc.

Timing of purchasing student travel insurance

Time your student travel insurance purchasing in accordance with your first trip payments, as it provides benefits of,

  • Waivers for pre-existing diseases.
  • Cancellation of trip due to any reason,
  • Or, cancellation due to reasons of work.

Basically, your purchase of student travel insurance must be timed within 10-15 days of making your first trip payments.

These are some very important facts that you must keep in mind while purchasing student travel insurance.  If you still have any doubt regarding any concept or clauses of student travel insurance, call PolicyBachat and talk to insurance experts free of cost.


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