Protect your car against theft with car insurance and Other precautionary practices

By Policybachat . Posted on November 4, 2014

In 2012, India had acquired a very infamous tag of being the country with maximum numbers of vehicle theft cases.  A report published by National Crime Record Bureau, highlighted some facts regarding car theft cases in India which can give Goosebumps to car owners.  According to this report one car is stolen in every 4 minutes in India, which is quite a shocking data.

However, you can learn and practice some habits while purchasing or operating your car, which will help you to protect your car against such theft and few of these practices helps in lowering down your car insurance premiums.

Installing anti-theft devices

Installing an anti-theft device can give two pronged safety to your vehicle.  Firstly it will keep your vehicle comparatively safer than other vehicles which are without any anti-theft devices.  Secondly, most insurance providers now a days offer bonus on premiums on car insurance purchase to customers, who install anti-theft device in their vehicle.

How insurance works

Many vehicle owners, especially two wheeler owners opt to purchase third party insurance policy only, as Government of India has enacted it mandatory for every vehicle.  Here, just imagine suppose a vehicle is stolen and it is covered only under third party insurance policy.  In this case, there is no scope for insurance claims, as the claim is only applicable when third party injuries and damages are involved, which haven’t occurred in this case.

Using paid parking

It has been noticed of late that, most vehicles are stolen from wrong parking areas, like outside of shopping places without adequate parking space, apartments without proper parking facility and security staff etc.  Therefore, it is always very wise to try and use paid parking service as much as possible.  Most paid parking services guard vehicle 24×7, which makes sure no miscreants, gets closer to your car with immoral motives.

Preserving document

Many people do this mistake of carrying original document of their car in vehicle itself, when it is not even required and mandatory, as even in police traffic checks, your photocopy documents are sufficient to prove your vehicles’ authenticity.  Therefore, you can photocopy good prints of your original documents and preserve it in your vehicle.  Because, if documents are lost with your stolen car, you have to go through all the processes again to procure new documents and you know, how hectic that process is.  It can also delay your claim process, in absence of required documents.

These are some precautionary measures that you can take in case you think, your living place, office or city is not safe for cars.  For better information on these important aspects, call PolicyBachat and understand how you can protect your vehicle and cut down your car insurance premiums at same time.

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