How important is Women Health Insurance Policies?

By Policybachat . Posted on November 3, 2014

This is 21st century and women are no longer confined within the four walls of the house, cooking and cleaning. They have started living the life of a real-life juggler, balancing multiple roles as a caring daughter, a supportive wife, a loving mother and a successful professional.

The only problems that have come up in a woman’s life with this type of a schedule is that among all this juggle, care for their own selves and their health have taken a back seat, which in the long run may lead to serious health hazards.

In a country like India, women still don’t understand the necessity of being covered by a health insurance policy until they reach an old age. But what they forget is serious illnesses does not always come with age. With women-specific diseases like osteoporosis, cervical and breast cancer and others on the rise, health insurance has become a must for all women. These illnesses can cause severe damage if not treated on time and without an insurance coverage, that might be too expensive and sometimes even unaffordable. Having the coverage of health insurance, women can easily go for financially hassle-free treatments and also keep a check on their health through regular checkups.

While buying health insurance policies, especially for women, it is mandatory to check the coverage being offered by the health plan. This is because there are a number of critical diseases that are specific to women and you should check if the policy you are planning to buy is covering all of them adequately. The treatment of most of such diseases are not only time consuming but also very expensive.

Professional women are mostly covered by group insurance plans offered by their company or as a second policy holder along with their husband. Though these policies offer only certain benefits like instant coverage of pre-existing diseases and maternity from the day the policy is issued and is also of low costs, yet that is not enough. Every woman should have a supplemental health policy that will give them financial assistance for treatments that are not covered under the group health insurance policies.

Every woman should opt for their health insurance policy at a young age because then the costs of coverage remains low as the premium is less, the policy is more comprehensive and you do not need to undergo any medical tests to get the coverage. With age, health policies become expensive and cases of pre-existing diseases sometimes get excluded.

There a number of health insurance companies which offer policies for women?  It is your duty to compare health insurance quotes and then select the one that takes care of all your healthcare needs as well as don’t make a dent in your pocket. With proper research on different health plans for women, you can get a better and healthier future at an affordable price.

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